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    Tuesday, June 1

      IN A NUTSHELL: Square Dancing With Ninth Graders

      And Eikaiwa Returns It seemed every time I walked into the Culture Center, Arikawa-san was asking about whether I would do an eikaiwa. I said 'sure, I can do it if people are interested.' I've said this several times, so I don't know why he keeps asking. I don't mind doing it, but I don't want to put a lot of effort into organizing it for only a handful of people, especially since my two regulars, Maruyama-san and Odagawa-san, are doing another eikaiwa in Miyoshi with Kate. ANYWAY, someone finally took the initiative. Arikawa-san came to the Jr. High today and handed me my new eikaiwa schedule starting September. I'll be paid in money this time, not vacation, not that it matters to me as long as I don't have to do it for free (that would not be fair to my successor.) I wonder who will show up?

      Putting Tents Up Most of the teachers and students spent the afternoon outside, preparing for Sports Day on Sunday. I helped put up one of the white gazebo tent things. I should be better at putting up things, having been an architecture major for two years. But I'm not, really. One 9th grader had to tell the rest of us (students AND teachers) which poles went where and how to hoist it up. It was actually a very clever design.

      The "American Promenade" Misawa-sensei asked me to come outside for a bit and I soon realized why. There are so many boys in the 9th grade class that they were girl-deficient for the dance they planned to do at the end of sports day. I joined in. It was not too hard to get the hang of even though I had never done either of the dances before (maybe because I'm American? I picked it up infinitely faster than the Bon dance at the elementary school sports day.) The first felt more ballroomish, but the second felt square-dancish. We went in a big circle and the boys moved forward after each repetition so I ended up dancing with almost all my 9th graders. It was fun, but a little weird.

      I've Never Seen That at My YMCA I was walking back from the exercise room at the culture center when I saw a group of ladies in a Japanese-style tatami room, sitting on their knees in the formal "seiza" position. I assumed it was perhaps tea ceremony, given the traditional music in the background. Then I saw the batons. Batons with fluffy neon pink and green poms at the end were being twirled by the (not particularly young) ladies. I was frozen on the stairs for several minutes just watching. This is one Japanese traditional art I've certainly never heard of.

    Wednesday, June 2

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    Saturday, June 5

      IN A NUTSHELL: Clean Like Hell

      One Day! My parents come in two days and tomorrow is filled from morning to night with sports day and a party afterward. That means, today I must CLEAN. Wow, I never realized how dirty my stove was. I'm just glad its not full summer. No mold to deal with yet.

    Sunday, June 6

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